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Old tickets


Old tickets

My private collection of old tickets from the eighties.

Tickets by the type

Cablecar ... 3x
Exhibition ... 3x
Public transport ... 8x
Railway, Edmondson card-shape ... 102x
Railroad, printed paper ... 4x
Ship ... 2x

I am: The software and hardware developer. The tester. Computer networking, web, databases and radioelectronics knowledge. Multi-talented. With multidimensional thinking. Speaking german, english and russian.

My interests are: Health, Hiking, Biking, Programming, Computer Networks, Databases, Electrical Engineering, Radioelectronics, Satellite TV, Satellite Radio, Foreign Languages, Railways, Trams

I live in Prague (in Czechia, EU).

This my private web creation is available completely for free. But if you want financially to support me, my pleasure to accept it (currently I have no income) and in advance thank you very much. My donation account number within Czechia is 375486596/2010, from abroad the IBAN code is CZ22 2010 0000 0003 7548 6596.

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